The Preston County Economic Development Authority (“PCEDA” or “Authority”) is the lead economic development organization for Preston County, as designated by the Preston County Commission. The PCEDA is charged with promotion and development of the county’s economy.

A Brief History
The PCEDA as it exists today was developed as the result of efforts of the Economic Development Committee of the Preston County Chamber of Commerce. Beginning in 1991, this Chamber of Commerce committee decided that there should be some type of organization formed to be proactive in the economic development of the county.

After careful evaluation of several different possible organizational structures, it was determined that it would be in the best interests of the county to create an economic development authority, as prescribed by state law (WV § 7-12). This type of organizational structure affords the PCEDA many special powers as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (1) organization, an extension of county government. Special powers include the issuance and sale of revenue bonds, and the ability to approve projects for low-interest financing through the West Virginia Economic Development Authority.

In 1992, the Preston County Commission officially empowered the current Preston County Economic Development Authority as it exists today. In April 2001, the Authority moved into new offices above the Bruceton Bank at 330 East Main Street, Suite 100, Kingwood, West Virginia.

In 1994, the PCEDA entered into a formal cooperative agreement with the Morgantown Area Economic Partnership, (MAEP). This agreement provided, and continues to provide, a forum for discussion of the economy of the two-county region, as well as opportunities to promote the area as a whole.

The PCEDA Today
Today, in addition to MAEP, the PCEDA is also a member of the West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone and the I-68 Regional Economic Partnership.

The Preston County Economic Development Authority consists of a board of 21 members, 10 of who represent the individual incorporated municipalities within the county. The board of the Authority meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of March, June, September and December at 4:00 p.m. in the EDA’s office.

The Executive Committee meets as needed to make project decisions and review the organization’s business. Executive Director, Roberta “Robbie” Baylor, who has earned the designation of Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED), manages the daily operations of the Authority. The Office Manager is Jessie Schmidle. Jessie attended WVU and graduated from the Information Systems class at the Mon County Technical Ed Center.

The Authority and its members strongly believe in creating growth opportunities for Preston County through providing assistance to our existing businesses in addressing their needs for retention and expansion, as well as becoming actively involved in the attraction of new businesses and investment to the county. We must continue to focus on our charge: to create additional jobs and a growing tax base through additional capital investment for Preston County.

The Preston County Economic Development Authority is the lead economic development agency in Preston County, West Virginia. The PCEDA works with local, regional and state economic development agencies to bring new business to the area and to retain existing businesses. For more information, please visit their website at