On June 13, 2017, the WV Division of Energy and Center for Business and Economic Research hosted a one-day event discussing the various opportunities and advances within energy efficiency for West Virginia companies. The event received a great turnout for some very exciting presentations regarding energy efficiency.

The event spoke about industrial investments in energy efficiency, performance contracting at large commercial facilities, educational initiatives, utility program offerings, training projects with the building industry, state policies and much more. A very common theme, that nearly all presentations had stressed, was – not only the importance of strong energy efficiency practices – but the need for increased education ensuring that our state realizes the impact of these practices.

Presentations spoke about the challenge that West Virginia faces being ranked in the bottom of many energy efficiency categories, but that there is still a significant opportunity for improvement that can create almost instant change and instant savings. While there are a variety of environmental impacts that these energy efficiency measures can provide, most businesses can easily relate to the financial savings that those improvements can provide.

Participating organizations from the event included a variety of companies including First Energy and Appalachian Power that spoke about the variety of improvements and initiatives they are providing consumers encouraging Energy Efficiency. Attendees also heard presentations on improvements implemented by West Virginia based companies such as Simonton Windows, Bimbo Bakeries, and Berkeley County Schools. Various organizations covered state and local improvements such as the ASHRAE, Energy Efficient WV, National Energy Education Development Project, and the WV Office of Economic Opportunity. The event was concluded by a presentation by ZMM Architects discussing the construction of the Charleston Civic Center and various energy efficiency improvements being included in the building. Attendees were then invited to tour the project to see how work is progressing.

For those in the region looking to learn more on how your business can become more energy efficient, you can contact the WVU Industrial Assessment Center to inquire about having an energy audit of your operation. To learn more, please visit http://industrialassessmentcenter.wvu.edu/

From all of us at the WV Energy Expo, a big thank you and congratulations to the WV Division of Energy for of all their work and help in conducting this important and educational conference.